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Have you ever been rejected by a job opportunity and felt relief? That’s what happened to Charity. Her entire career had been a cycle of unconsciously falling into role after role, never really taking time to ask herself what she wanted. She had begun to experience burnout, which led to her robotically applying for jobs she didn't really want. But when she was rejected by a few jobs she thought she had in the bag, she realized she needed a much more encompassing change than she had originally thought. Learn how Charity figured out what she really wanted, took the reins, and started intentionally designing her life to be everything that she knew it could be.

What you’ll learn 

  • Why staying in your current role may be the biggest risk 
  • The importance of giving yourself a deadline and taking action (even if you’re not ready!)
  • How to use your differences and uniqueness as strengths 


Our new book, Happen To Your Career: An Unconventional Approach To Career Change and Meaningful Work, is out now! Visit happentoyourcareer.com/book for more information or buy the book now!

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