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“I am a former educator. So I have a background in early childhood education. And my views changed slightly after I had children and started raising them and started looking at careers and world life experiences differently.”


Even though most of us aren’t former educators, I’m sure most of us parents have a similar experience when we have children and begin raising them.

The above quote came from my wife, Alyssa. She joins me on the podcast this week as we talk about how to prepare children for their future careers.


Since we have a company that focuses on helping people with their careers, we have all the answers and are preparing our kids perfectly.

Maybe that’s a little of an exaggeration.

We don't do it perfectly. But we do have a pretty significant head start because, every single day, we get to see people many, many years later and what's worked out for them, and what hasn't worked out for them.


There are a lot of resources that help people prepare their kids for college, but that’s a limited approach.

We need to prepare our kids to be ready after college.

Listen to the podcast today to help you work with your kids and prepare them for their future careers.


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