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So what happens when you’re in your role working for a company and, for the most part, it's been great.

You've been there for a while, and you know lots of good things have come out of it.

You've worked with a good team and you've had a lot of fun.

It's been pretty meaningful, except …

Now a lot of those things have either stopped or changed.

Whether it's caused by a company merger or a new boss or a completely different situation.

And that is that is where our next podcast guest found themselves.

I say guest, but this is actually a bit of a different episode.

We've done this once or twice before where we've shared an actual coaching session with you, allowing you to sit in as a fly on the wall, listening to somebody that we've worked with.

On today’s episode, you're going to hear Elizabeth begin in the early stages of identifying what she really wants and needs.

And even more importantly than that, some of the ways that I guide her through to help begin making this happen immediately.

You're not going to hear any magic bullets in this episode (because there are none in reality), but you are going to hear some things that you may be able to integrate into your own personal life and career change right away.

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