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One of the biggest things that we repeatedly hear from people all over the world is the issue of time. It takes a large amount of time to do just a normal career pivot, and even more time to make the types of career changes we focus on at Happen To Your Career. A career chang where you're really maximizing all areas of your career so it fits in your life and truly provides you with career happiness. So you want a career change… where are you going to get all this time? This is something we are helping people reconcile every single day. So why not turn that process into a podcast episode? Today I am joined by our Director of Client Success, Phillip Migyanko, to discuss how to create time to divert towards a career pivot.

What you’ll learn 

  • Specific tasks you can automate or outsource in your life 
  • How to set up your environment to save you time
  • How to hammer out time to focus on a career pivot 
  • Creating systems for things that we do all the time
  • The importance of “time limiting” during your career change


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