Happen to Your Career
Making a Living Doing What Comes Easily To You with David Ralph

Think you can’t make a living from doing what comes easily to you? It turns out that what comes easiest could actually be the career “gold” you’ve been seeking. David Ralph spent a long time dismissing his greatest talents, working in a corporate job he didn’t like. It wasn’t until he discovered podcasting and took his place behind the mic, that he was able to take his ability for “firing the motivation rocket” to the masses! Want help getting to the work that fits you? Enroll in our 8-day course at figureitout.co!

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Finding Work that Lights You Up with Kevin Tumlinson

What is that thing you know in your heart you want to be doing above all other things? The thing that lights you up? The thing you can’t stop talking to other people about?  So, what is keeping you from focusing on that thing?

Kevin Tumlinson is a fiction writer. But many people know him as copywriter, internet marketer, and podcast host. He’s been writing and publishing his fiction since 2008, but it was only more recently that he made the decision to put his focus on fiction writing. The results have been impressive!

To find the work that YOU want to focus on, enroll in our FREE 8-day course at figureitout.co!

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My Career Is Making Me Sick: an HTYC Story

Jerrad’s work was literally making him sick. The long hours and constant demands of the job had begun to wear on him to the point where he was waking up in the night with stomach pains. He knew something needed to change. This wasn’t what he wanted for himself or his family. He and his wife took action. Together they began designing the life they wanted. We know that there are a lot of other folks like Jerrad out there, stuck in careers that are making you miserable, and we wanted to share his story as proof that you don’t have to settle. You have more control over your circumstances than you might think. And you can either let your “life happen to you…or you can happen to your life!”

For help finding the work that fits you, visit figureitout.co!

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