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Finding the Time: Solutions to Help you Reclaim Your Hours When Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed? Do you always feel like there’s just never enough time to get to everything you want or need to do? Is a lack of time holding you back? Well, we’re breaking down some of the most common myths around lack of time! We’ve also got some practical solutions that will help you reclaim some of your precious hours! The only question now is, what are YOU going to do with all of this newly found time? Want clarity on identifying what’s important to you? Visit figureitout.co for instant access to our FREE 8-day course!

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Using Fear to Live a Life of Purpose with Greg Faxon

Before becoming a personal coach, Greg Faxon worked with Fortune 500 companies on refining their market research and strategy.  Now he helps “high-performing” and “high-potential” entrepreneurs to live deliberately and grow their businesses to make an impact.

Greg gives us some powerful insights about fear, specifically how it can be an indication that you are on the right path.  He believes that we can use our fear to push ourselves past where we currently are and toward living a life “on purpose.”  For help uncovering your purpose and making the move to work you’ll love, visit figureitout.co!

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The Most Effective Approach to Making a Career Change: Figuring Out What Fits!

This is the Figure Out What Fits Workshop episode! Do you have a good or even great job but you can’t see yourself doing the same thing forever?  Or maybe you hate your job and can’t wait to get out of it, but you’re not sure what you want to do for your career or business?  Maybe you're not sure where to begin, have too many passions, or maybe you just want the most effective approach to making a career change?  If ANY of these applies to you, do NOT miss this episode!  Then visit figureitout.co to get our FREE 8-day “Figure it Out” course!

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Being Authentic in Your Career with Greg Giagrande

Greg Giangrande has been called “one of the most highly-regarded executives in his field” by Adweek.  As Executive VP and Chief Human Resources Officer for Time Inc. he oversees HR globally for 8,000 employees. He’s held executive level HR positions at News Corporation, The Hearst Corporation and HR leadership positions at Conde Nast and Random House.  He writes a weekly advice column for the NY Post and makes appearances on Good Day NY.

He’s also called the shots in his career, accepting only positions aligned with what he calls his “True North”.  

For help finding the work that fits you, visit figureitout.co!

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