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“Now looking back at it. I never really asked myself the questions of whether I wanted to to do this. It is just normal. Many of us do that.”

That’s what Michal Balass had said when I asked her where her career started.

She went on to explain that she spent years getting her Doctorate and when it came time to get a job she did it without thinking… because that’s what you do! It is normal.

Unfortunately doing things the normal way without question put Michal in the same place many others are:

In a job that isn’t a great fit and doesn’t particularly line up with what you want out of life!

Michal tolerated it for years. (probably for much too long)


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On the Happen To Your Career podcast, we have shown many career changes and the changes that come to our lives as a whole. We have talked with dozens of people on the podcast that we have personally worked with to make these changes. But one thing we haven’t really shown you is the fact that change isn’t just a one-time event.

As we continue to learn about ourselves and as we grow, our lives change. This is often in the form of changes in family (having more kids, kids growing up), moving to a different house or city, or developing new skills. This growth also results in changes in your goals and desires.

You begin to see a bigger and better picture of what you want to do in your life.

Over the next several months, we are going to be bringing some past guests back onto the podcast to catch up with where they are now and how things have changed since we last had them on the podcast.

So this week, we are bringing Michal Balass back onto the podcast. Tomorrow, I’m going to share the recent conversation I had with her; but to help us understand where she is now, today we’re going to hear her story from the last time she was on the show.

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