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Have you thought about quitting your job? If you’re feeling bored, burnt out, or stuck, the answer is most likely "yes!" Sometimes we stay at a job for way too long because we don’t want to hurt our resume or leave a company in a lurch; however, we often end up hurting ourselves. Travis had been all over the map with healthcare, but he felt like something was missing from each role and got bored very quickly. When he thought he had found his ideal role, he ended up miserable, so he quit. Learn how Travis got to the core of what he truly wanted out of life, overcame his limiting beliefs, and found a role that was practically made for him.

What you’ll learn 

  • How to overcome career boredom by taking risks 
  • The importance of taking the next step during your career change even if you don’t know your destination 
  • How to show up for yourself even when you can’t figure out what you want 


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