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Traditional job searching doesn’t work. You decide you want a career change so you start searching for titles you think you would enjoy, but in the end you are trying to squeeze yourself into the box of the few roles you see on job boards. If you do find a role that aligns with what you believe you want out of your career, and you land it, you usually start out excited about your new role… but eventually realize something is off. Many times the role does not cater to your strengths or the company doesn't align with your values. Laura Parker shares her story of what happened when she completed a career change, and almost immediately realized that she was still unhappy in her role.

What You'll Learn

  • How Laura knew she needed a career change in the first place 
  • The best way to go about leaving a company soon after you’ve been hired
  • How Laura figured out what she needed to do next in order to be happy in her career.


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