Happen To Your Career

Alissa knew she had to make a change when she could no longer see anything. 

Not in a metaphorical sense. Nope. The doctor had confirmed that her periods of temporary blindness were work-stress induced. And as it turns out, Alissa was unwilling to give up her eyesight for her job!

Alissa’s career began in Human Resources. She worked her way up to Director Level HR roles in municipalities! That’s where she started experiencing stress like she’d never experienced before. 

She also knew that there had to be a different way to do work! A way that fit her. That’s when she began thinking about opening her own consulting business!

What You’ll Learn

  • What worked (and didn’t work) as Alissa started her consulting business
  • Why she started thinking about consulting as career in the first place!
  • How she went from temporary blindness to much more fulfilling work (and what were the hardest parts along the way!)


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