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I’m sure you’ve heard this countless times - “to be successful in anything requires you to have confidence in yourself”. While dealing with limiting beliefs isn't anything new to any of us, there are some common patterns people face when making a career change.

The reality is, you will hit low points along the way and it’s at those darkest moments that dealing with limiting beliefs can feel almost unbearable, pushing you to give up on trying to achieve career happiness.

In this HTYC episode, Scott Anthony Barlow sits down with his guest, Vicky Meng to talk about what it was like going through the 2 major low points she hit during her career change journey before landing her ideal role. We’ll also explore the 3 things Vicky did to prepare herself for some of her weakest moments (including turning down a good opportunity to continue looking for an ideal opportunity). 

On a side note: Have career change questions or want to make an introduction? Email me at scott@happentoyourcareer.com 

What to Listen For

  • The importance of sticking to what you want your ideal role to look like when deciding on job offers
  • When to question whether or not you’re doing the right things
  • How to constantly reinforce your career research and career search strategy after you’ve discovered your strengths
  • Handling limiting beliefs about the “competition” when switching to a new career path

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