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Is staying at a job you hate holding you back from happiness? What if you’ve changed careers…and the new work wasn’t quite the fit you thought it would be?

After helping a couple thousand people make career changes, you notice a few commonalities.

We’ve realized that EVERYONE has barriers to making their change. Especially the busy, high achieving peeps that we’ve worked with. You are no exception!

You know how you always hear those success stories of what other people have done? If you’re like me (or you’re human), sometimes they can make you a little jealous or depressed.

How come it always works out so well for those other people?

Well, here’s the hidden reality behind every single one of the success stories we’ve published:

Zero of them were easy, AND none of them went perfectly.

In fact, we find that much of the time we are helping our students make it easier to change to work they love by focusing on the right things, but focusing on the right things alone doesn’t automatically make you successful.

In today’s episode, I talk about how career happiness really works. In fact, this episode is one of the lessons I teach inside Career Change Bootcamp.

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