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Everyone and their mother is going to email you about your resolutions and goals now that it’s the beginning of 2018.

I don’t want to do that to you. Plus you already know I have a serious aversion to doing what everyone else is doing?

What do you notice about the Paradigm shifting changes?

  1. The average person can’t imagine how it can work in their own life.
  2. Most of the world can’t “just do that”.
  3. You might automatically say, “that could never work for me”

It takes completely reframing your future to be able to achieve a paradigm shifting change.


In this conversation with we get deep into how:

  • Learn how to take the goals you are passionate and excited about and take the next little steps to turn them into a reality this year.
  • How to change your limiting beliefs from a negative into a positive.
  • Learn how to use confirmation bias as a benefit to gain goal success.
  • Learn how important it is to put words to and vocalize the whisper of ideas you have been feeling.
  • Get help identifying the little secret beliefs and limiting factors you tell yourself that are causing you a roadblock.
  • Learn to stop playing negative Jedi mind tricks on yourself and start feeling the positive force within.
  • Reframe your negative beliefs into positive beliefs and learn how to reinforce those positive beliefs with data points to give you forward momentum.
  • How 60 minutes of your time brainstorming can open up numerous possibilities.
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