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If you’ve been feeling like you need a change, your gut may be trying to tell you something. 

Ben Fox, one of HTYC’s career coaches, has learned to lead with curiosity and listen to his gut intuition in order to live life without regrets. This combination has led him to experiment with many jobs throughout his life. 

He also knows what it’s like to feel lost when it comes to your career. He spent many years after college hopping from job to job, not knowing what he wanted.

What he didn’t realize at the time was that all of those seemingly random jobs were actually allowing him to experiment with his career, and eventually he was able to take his learnings and pinpoint his ideal career. 

Listen to hear Ben and Scott talk about learning to listen to your gut intuition, career experiments, and what to do right now if you’re considering making a career change.


What you’ll learn 

  • How to use career experiments to assemble your ideal role 
  • What to do when you’re questioning whether or not you should make a change 
  • How to leverage your gut intuition to guide your career 


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