Happen To Your Career

Have you ever sat down and chatted with someone to ask them how they did a successful career change? How about chatting with 3 people, or 10, or even dozens?

You’ve probably heard differently, but the goal of finding meaningful work that pays well is more “science than an art” so we’ve made a guide detailing all the research, stories, strategies, career advice, and data that you’d otherwise have to pay to learn.

In this HTYC episode, Scott Anthony Barlow, Phillip Migyanko (head of client success at HTYC) and Joshua Rivers (content manager & podcast editor) sit down to chat about the story behind why we’ve done the work over the past 4 years to create this guide and finally release it. We give you a behind-the-scenes look into the biggest lessons learnt, the painful stories, and what goes into the incredible career change success of high performers.

What you'll learn

  • How high performers condition themselves to not just learn, but also take action
  • How to use our guide so that it works for your specific situation 


Have career change questions or want to make an introduction? Email scott@happentoyourcareer.com


Free Resources

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Career Change Guide - Learn how high-performers discover their ideal career and find meaningful, well-paid work without starting over.


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