Happen To Your Career

Dan Pink — NY Times Bestselling author of books like Drive and When — went from being a speechwriter for Al Gore to one of the world’s leading voices on the science of career happiness. 


I sat down with Dan to figure out how to be okay with un-passion, why WHEN we work matters, and what really leads to career happiness. 

That’s because he literally wrote the book (Drive) about the science of what motivates us as people. And he found some interesting stuff:



  • Like how we’re more driven by making a contribution to something than we are to live in our passions
  • How passion really is an unsustainable feeling - it’s an intense emotion that can only be held for so long
  • What science shows about when you do your best work



So, if you’ve been pursuing your passion but have come up short, tune in to this episode to discover a new path.

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