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Have you considered going back to school as part of your career change or promotion strategy?

Many people at least consider this, and a number of them also cringe at the thought of going back - even as much fun as it was the first time…

But, for many people at this point, they are at a different life stage than they were their first time through college.

  • Now they’re married.
  • Now they have kids.
  • Now they have a full-time job.

Going back to school seems a lot more difficult now.

So, is it right for you to go back to school?

Well, it depends (don’t you hate that answer?).


Last month, I got to talk with Anne Converse Willkomm, a program director at Goodwin College of Professional Studies at Drexel University.

“Of course, she’s going to say you should go back to school! It’s her job to say that.”

Wait! Let me stop you there…

When I talked with Anne, she actually told me that it wasn’t always right for everyone to go back. But that there were a few times when it might be right for someone to go back to school:

  • When they’re looking to make a career change
  • When they're wanting to seek a promotion
  • When they’re feeling stuck 

This doesn’t mean that it’s always right in these situations (we talk about this in depth on the podcast episode today).

Regarding a situation where it wasn’t right for someone to go back to school, Anne said, “That doesn't mean that she still can't pursue education. Education comes in many different forms. You can get education by going to a conference; you can become educated by reading; you can become educated through informational interviews. There are all sorts of ways to become educated.”

Some other things we talk about:

  • Not all Masters degrees are created equal
  • Applied studies: use what you’re doing at work in the classroom
  • Create a failure resume
  • Create a master resume 


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