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It’s easy to get overwhelmed or fall into the traditional rut of browsing job boards, applying for everything, and hoping it all works out.

The top lessons we’ve learned from thousands of career changes have revealed tons of insights and a better way to do things. 

In this episode, we cover why it pays to take the road less traveled, how to never feel lost or alone during the process, and why you don’t always need to start over to create a change.

  • The “horrific” experience that inspired Scott’s own search for well-paying work that fit his skills (and ultimately starting Happen To Your Career and one of the top career podcasts in the country)
  • Turning casual coffee convos into a career change movement Scott shares incredible examples of what’s possible with raises and role changes (and how others picking his brain over coffee kick-started the entrepreneurial “itch”)
  • The #1 oversight people have that keeps them unsatisfied with the work they do and money they earn (and how to approach changing that without starting over)
  • Scott’s most valuable piece of advice for folks who feel their work is lacking meaning (plus what he’s learned from helping thousands overcome this)
  • Not sure where feeling unsatisfied with work is really coming from? Scott shares the science-based difference between “inward happiness” focus areas and outward “happiness enablers”
  • What “Signature Strengths” are (and why they’re a critical part of achieving career happiness)

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