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You wake up one day and your career feels off track. Maybe you’ve realized the work you’re doing is no longer meaningful to you, and you want more out of your career. Even if you’re in your “midlife,” you still deserve to do meaningful work that makes you happy! Your abilities are going to change. Your views are going to change. The things you care about are going to change. Recognize it for what it is: a sign that you've been evolving and that your current situation no longer suits you. On this team episode, Cindy & Phillip detail the stories of 4 HTYC alums that made midlife career changes. Learn how they persevered through limiting beliefs and found a second chance at career happiness. 


What you’ll learn 

  • 4 limiting beliefs stopping people in their midlife from making a career change
  • How to transfer your skills to a new job so you’re never starting over
  • Why it’s okay to leave an industry even if you’ve worked your way to the top
  • How to ditch your limiting beliefs and take action for your career change


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