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The feeling you get when you discover your strengths then gain enough clarity on how to apply them in a career that fits, is like opening up a portal to knowing exactly what you want.

You could even say it’s like doing self reflection -> exactly how Kirby Verceles described it

In this HTYC episode, Scott Anthony Barlow chats with Kirby about how she went from feeling stuck and having to do some soul searching by asking herself the tough questions, to finally gaining clarity on how to apply her signature strengths. The result? The feeling of happiness coming to work every morning (Kirby’s definition of success).

On a side note: Have career change questions or want to make an introduction? Email me at scott@happentoyourcareer.com 

What to Listen For

  • Find out specifically how Kirby learned her strengths (and began to use them)
  • Learn how to think about Strengths and weaknesses in a way that benefits your entire life
  • How to use your signature strengths to make work feel different (and not so much like “work”)

Episode Resources

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