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When most people think of their career, they think of their job. A place where they go everyday because they have to, not necessarily because they want to. 

Back in 2005, this was me. I thought that you choose your degree and work really hard through College and go out into the workforce and then you things get awesome! 

Turns out almost nobody has that experience, even after you get 10-15 years into your career less than 13% of people around the world are truly enamored with what they do for work. Yes that means that according to Gallup organization nearly 87% of people would not describe their current work as “Deeply Satisfying” or “Highly Engaging”. Translation: Chances are really high that If you didn’t need to make an income, You definitely wouldn’t spend your time where you’re at right now. 

That’s exactly where I was, too, all those years ago. Not only was my job a bad fit for me, but my 2 hour a day anxiety ridden commutes left me nearly 50 pounds overweight, not being very nice to my wife Alyssa, and feeling like there had to be a better way to do life and work. 

I spent the next decade learning everything I could about how people who love their work do differently. Especially those high achievers who are enamored with their work and get paid very very well for it. 

It turns out that most of what you think you know about what makes people happy at work and how people find a career that fits them, is counterintuitive or just plain wrong.


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