Happen To Your Career

As we look at creating a career that is fulfilling and meaningful, one piece that gets overlooked is contribution - how you contribute to your family, work, and world.

Tom Rath joins us to help you discover how you contribute to the world. He is a bestselling author and researcher who has spent the past two decades studying how work can improve human health and well-being.

Tom has written many books, his newest out is out now and it is titled, “Life’s Great Question: Discover How You Contribute to the World.” If you don’t recognize his name right away, I’m 100% sure you will recognize his book, “Strengths Finder 2.0” and the Clifton Strengths assessment that goes along with it. 

Additionally, while doing all his research, writing, and many other contributions, he’s spent the last 25 years battling cancer, tumors, and other health challenges. 

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