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Are the expectations of others holding you back from doing work that is truly fulfilling? Most of us feel like we have to behave like one person when we’re at work, and a different person when we’re at home or in our social circles. That in itself creates a social expectation. If you want to be yourself at all times, you’re bucking the trend. Because, in our world today it’s  not “normal” to get paid to be who you are, using your true strengths instead of just the skills you’ve picked up in various roles along the way. But, you want to know the weirdest part? By resisting being your most authentic self at all times (because of fear) we are ensuring that we stay unhappy by default. Learn how to go against the grain and find a career that allows you to be YOU! 

What You'll Learn

  • How to model living authentically during a career change to find a career that fits 
  • How to modify your job offer to reflect what you really want
  • How your boss can support you during your career change 
  • The importance of finding your strengths to determine your ideal role 


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