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Let me ask you a question: When do you have the most power to negotiate?

Out of all the possible times, the very best time to negotiate your pay, job, terms or anything else is when you’re making a career change to a new company and new job. Specifically right after they’ve made you an offer.

Why is that?

Well, Let's talk about some truths from their perspective. Once you get to where they have given you an offer it is a big deal for you and for them. Very often they have spent a huge amount of time going through the process to decide they want you. That is an important factor. They are emotionally invested and have decided it's going to be you in the role, not someone else.

Depending on your level, they’ve likely had other people involved in the process and the probably had to have different approvals from their boss or finance or HR or the CEO. Someone else probably had to say yes or commit to you so they aren’t excited to change anytime soon. Because of that you have more power to negotiate than any other point in time.

Keep in mind this is only after they make an offer. None of this applies while they are considering it.

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