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What if your goal isn’t just to make a simple career change? What if you want to spend your workday doing something meaningful and exciting? Oh and make a large amount of money and contribute by helping people in the way you want to... Is this too much to ask? In a world where this is not normal, I can understand how it seems impossible. But it’s far from “too much to ask.” This is the first of a 2-episode series to show you how people actually make these types of career changes. We break down this “unicorn” into a step-by-step guide. 

What you’ll learn 

  • The 13 steps to a successful career change
  • How to find your strengths and use them to find work you love 
  • How to assess what’s missing in your career 


Have career change questions or want to make an introduction? Email scott@happentoyourcareer.com 


Free Resources

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Career Change Guide - Learn how high-performers discover their ideal career and find meaningful, well-paid work without starting over.


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