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“I felt like there was something missing in my career that I had some skills I wanted to sharpen that I wanted a different connection to the work that I was doing. And I was feeling very stuck in my search.” - Rebecca

“It literally made me sick, the anxiety, the stress that I was under.”- Jerrad


At Happen To Your Career, we hear this kind of thing all the time. High Performers work hard to get an education and build their careers. But then they find themselves in a place of unhappiness.

I want to share several examples of people that we have worked with that came from being stuck and unclear.

I’m sharing snippets of success stories today to show you that it really is possible to radically change your life. The “normal” ways that people approach career change don’t really work. At least, they don’t work reliably. So I wouldn’t recommend gambling on your life and your future.

At Happen To Your Career, we have helped hundreds of people 1-on-1 make career changes. Some of that help has been through our Career Change Bootcamp program, but we have also helped a lot of people at an even higher level through our Signature Coaching.


Check out the Signature Coaching Program now and see if it's a fit for you!

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