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There’s personal career growth (when you live your definition of success) and then there’s career growth according to society’s definition of success. Maybe you’ve been promoted over the years all the way to senior manager, yet you still feel stuck, bored, and drained. Society will tell you this is what success is! We disagree. Growing in your career is figuring out what you’re good at and what energizes you, and pivoting into a meaningful, fulfilling career that uses your strengths. Learn how James Sannan came to the realization that there could be more to his career than the short phase of excitement he felt after each promotion, and how he networked his way into a meaningful career that he truly enjoys. 

What you’ll learn

  • The importance of having a growth mindset in order to positively impact and advance your career
  • How persistence and networking can help you get into the company you want to work for
  • The steps to take in order to make a change when you feel stuck in your career 
  • How James knew it was time to leave the company he’d been with for 12 years


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