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Back in 2000, when CBS's hit reality TV show Survivor came out, Christine Hofbeck decided her life goal was to be on the show. She relentlessly pursued this goal for 16 years, even when her friends and coworkers thought she was crazy for putting in applications year after year. Then (spoiler alert) she was finally cast in season 35 and almost won the whole thing! Despite coming up short of the $1M prize, Christine successfully achieved her life goal and had the adventure of a lifetime! Learn how Christine’s experiences in the pursuit of a dream completely changed her outlook on life and work 

What you’ll learn 

  • How to look past limiting beliefs to make your dreams a reality 
  • The importance of empowering yourself towards your goals  
  • How to counteract imposter syndrome 
  • How to truly learn from your failures to grow in your career 


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