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What the heck are Signature Strengths?

We’ve talked about how your signature strengths aren’t just skills like, “I’m really good with Excel.”

There’s more to it: It’s that intersection of things you’re really, really good at with things you really, really love — combined with your experiences, disposition, and a few shakes of both nature and nurture.

“Signature Strengths are your unique combination of experiences, skills, knowledge and even the way you’re wired. It’s the stuff that makes you, you.”

Often when you drill down to your signature strengths, these are the things you can’t stop doing if you tried, you can’t help it. Many times they come easy to you because you enjoy them and also you don’t recognize them because you don’t think that they’re that big of a deal.


We’ve put this 6 part audio course together as a guide to using your strengths to make a career pivot to work that makes you more happy more often.

If you haven’t already, start with the first episode as each one builds on the previous episode to help you learn how you can make a career (and a life out of your strengths) and why many others have chosen to do the same thing.


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