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On Monday, I shared a conversation I had with Anne Converse Willkomm, Department Head of Graduate Studies and Assistant Clinical Professor at Drexel University’s Goodwin College of Professional Studies.

We talked about when it was right for you to go back to school.

While going back to college isn’t right for everyone, for those that it is right for now face another question:

“I know going back to school is the right choice for me, but how do I pick the right place/program?”

This can seem very daunting since there are hundreds or even thousands of choices out there.

So as Anne and I got to this part of the conversation on Monday, I knew we had to bring her back to talk about choosing the right college.

As you scan through the possibilities of programs that you could enroll in, you can probably cut out several ones easily (based on things like physical location, availability of online courses, and cost). But you’re still left with at least a handful of options.

As you look into each program, you likely do most of your research online - reading through the pages websites. You may reach out and contact someone at the university.

Being a Department Head, Anne shares that most applicants actually talk to the wrong people when applying, and they don’t ask the right questions.

People usually contact someone in admissions, but the best person to talk to is the director of the program you’re looking into - they will provide the best answers. Admissions can’t get deep enough into giving you the answers to the questions you should be asking, like:

  • Can the program advance my career in ___?
  • How will the courses build my skills/knowledge?
  • What are the students in the program like?
  • Is the school going to be there for me after graduation?


You’ll also hear:

  • What happens when you change your mind while you’re already in school
  • How you can be proactive before you get in this situation
  • How you can know if a college/university is open to making a mid-college change (not all are)


So, if you if going back to school is the right choice for you, this episode is perfect for you.


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