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Big Decisions. You know how these work. Our brains usually fight us and want us to stay in our comfort zones.

Plus if you’re like me you can turn nearly anything into logic. Yes I know that I’m not loving my work and my boss is a overbearing but there could be another opportunity 4 months from now.

Many people find themselves torn when it comes to staying in the same place vs. making a change.

They know and feel deep down inside that something isn't right, and they struggle with taking a chance to actually make a change in their career.

Why do we fight what we know to be true in our core?

We see how others reach their goals and we think we must follow in their footsteps to reach the same success.

But, the truth is: we don't have to follow them.

If you want to take more control of your career or you are about to have an awkward conversation with your boss, this episode is for you.


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