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Years ago, I wanted to learn more about how some people became what I now call Happy High Achievers  – people who were successful in both their career and also in the other areas of life. Fast forward to when we started HTYC, we had the goal to help many more people in the world become Happy High Achievers, not just to get to meaningful work. So what do you think stops people from making career changes to much more fulfilling work? What stops people from becoming Happy High Achievers? Cindy Gonos, Director of Client Success at HTYC joins me to discuss the five biggest beliefs that stop you from ever taking the first step and asking for career help.

What You’ll Learn 

  • Why you don’t don’t need to run away from a career change and how to ask for help 
  • How “powering through” isn’t always the answer & why you don’t have to sacrifice anything to enjoy your career
  • Why the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to might hold you back from fulfilling work 


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