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On Monday, I shared our podcast episode about how career change really works and showed you .

And I mentioned a 13-step process to make a successful career change.

Today, we get into what is the step-by-step process.

Now, I say process a little bit liberally, because, in reality, this is a very squiggly line type event.

It's forwards and backwards, and up and down, and all over in order to get to work that matters to you - work that's much more meaningful, more fulfilling, just better for you - all the way around work that fits.

At the same time, still, there are pieces that everyone goes through to be able to get there. It rarely happens by accident.

So, I want you to know what the exact steps are that we use with every single person behind the scenes, but also that people that we're not even helping go through as well.

Here are the 13 steps to a successful career change:

  1. What’s your goal?
  2. Assess strengths, experience, and assets
  3. Assess what you’d like to keep (address issue of not having to start over)
  4. Assess what’s missing in your career
  5. Create Ideal Career Profile
  6. Design a Career Test Drive to prove that’s the right direction for you
  7. Develop a job search plan (terrible name - need to come up with something better)
  8. Develop target list of Companies/Roles or both
  9. Begin your search/build relationships (networking! yay!)
  10. Interview like a badass
  11. Negotiate your offers
  12. Accept your offer and happy dance
  13. Scrap all your training and join the dark side

I go into detail on each of these steps on the podcast episode today.


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