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Incremental Bravery: Taking Small Calculated Risks to Move Towards Your Goals with Grant Baldwin

Grant Baldwin is the host of the How Did You Get into That? Podcast, featuring interviews with people from all walks of life doing the work they love! Getting to work you love doesn't usually come without some measure of bravery. Grant shares a concept called “incremental bravery” with us. Incremental bravery essentially boils down to taking small, calculated risks moving toward a much bigger goal or vision. Grant quit a stable job while his wife was 5 months pregnant with their first child - with no plan! After months of self discovery he decided to pursue a career as a speaker and step-by-step built his business. Wherever you want to go, you CAN get there from here! For help finding the work that YOU love, enroll in our free 8-day course at http://happentoyourcareer.com/figureitout!

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Using the Power of Visualization in Your Career with JV Crum III

This man’s done it all. He’s a lawyer, a best-selling author, a keynote speaker, business coach, and serial entrepreneur! He’s the Founder and CEO of Conscious Millionaire Institute, “a global entrepreneur business coaching, training, and wealth-product business.” JV Crum III talks to us about what it takes to achieve the highest levels of success we can imagine. Hint: You first have to imagine it! You’ll learn where to begin in defining your own “True North” and learn about using the power of visualization to take you where your True North leads you! For help finding the work that fits you, visit http://happentoyourcareer.com/figureitout to enroll in our FREE 8-day course!

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Embracing Failure as part of Growth with Travis Steffen

Travis Steffen is a growth hacker, an entrepreneur, and an investor. He’s built and sold 6 tech companies in the last 5 years in several different industries including clothing, apps, fitness, and social media for private medical practices. He talks to us about his entrepreneurial journey, reconciling his inner “meathead” and “tech nerd” along the way, and emphasizes embracing failure as a necessary part of the process! For help finding the work that fits you, enroll in our FREE 8-day course at http://happentoyourcareer.com/figureitout!

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Tips for Starting a Coaching Business with with Honoree Corder

Ever considered becoming a coach? If so, this is the episode for you! Grab a pen! If not, you’ll still get a ton of value out of this interview. Honorée Corder is a best-selling author of over a dozen books, the latest of which is Business Dating: Applying Relationship Rules in Business for Ultimate Success. She’s also a business coach, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. She shares the story of how she started her coaching business and gives us some valuable tips on building a mindset for success! For help finding the work that fits you, enroll in our FREE 8-day course at http://happentoyourcareer.com/figureitout!

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How to Keep a Hunger for Learning New Things with Steve Kurti

“We are born with the desire to learn more and somehow if it disappears, it’s because something in our life has beat it down.” Steve Kurti is a physicist, inventor (or “tinkerer” as he refers to himself), and educator who believes that we need to instill a hunger for learning in our kids and find ways to reconnect with it as adults. Learning to learn is one of the most rewarding and valuable gifts we can have and it might just be the key to finding fulfillment. For help finding the work that fulfills YOU, sign up for our FREE 8-day course at http://happentoyourcareer.com/figureitout

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Acquiring New Skills and Building Your Network with Greg Rollett

Thinking about a career transition? A former touring musician, Greg Rollett has seemingly reinvented himself a few times. He’s a best-selling author and marketing expert who has worked with the likes of Brian Tracy, Coca-cola, Miller Lite, Warner Brothers, and countless entrepreneurs worldwide. He’s written for the Huffington Post, Fast Company, and Mashable. Now he’s started Ambitious.com, a platform to share and celebrate the stories of those who are making a difference in the world. Greg shows us how acquiring new skills and building a strong network, (all the ingredients needed for a successful career change) are within reach now, right in our current job situations. It’s all about seeking out and creating the right opportunities! Enroll in our free 8-day ‘Figure it Out’ course for tools and exercises to lead you to the work that fits YOU!

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Book Publishing and Working Outside of Your Comfort Zone with Tom Morkes from Insurgent Publishing

Growth happens outside of our comfort zone. No one knows that better than Tom Morkes, who at one time felt that hitting the “publish” button on a blog post he’d just written was a scarier prospect than heading out on night duty while he was stationed in Iraq with the U.S. Army! The CEO of Insurgent Publishing, a book publishing and marketing company known for bringing “unconventional nonfiction to the creative outliers of the world”, he’s helped launch 4 (and counting!) books to bestseller, working with folks like Jeff Goins, Jonathan Mead, and David Nihill. He’s authored numerous books himself, including Notes from Seth Godin’s Revolution Conference and The Art of Instigating and is the host of the In the Trenches podcast. Get outside your comfort zone and watch what happens! To find the work that fits you, enroll in our free 8-day course!

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Recovering from Burnout and Managing Stress

Burnout is not a joke. Paula Davis-Laack is a self-described “recovering lawyer” whose own personal experiences with burnout landed her in the hospital 3 times. Now a burnout and resilience expert and founder and CEO of the Davis-Laack Stress and Resilience Institute she is dedicated to helping professionals manage stress and prevent burnout. She is an internationally-published author and has even worked with soldiers in the US Army as part of the Army’s Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness Program. For help finding the work that fits you, enroll in our free 8-day course at figureitout.co!

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How to Improve Your Public Speaking with David Nihill

Public speaking is one of the top fears, if not the number one fear most people face. In more severe cases it can cause people to avoid situations that might help them move their careers forward. David Nihill wants to help us all get over this fear and become better public speakers and storytellers. He was born in Dublin (and claims no one here in the U.S. understands his accent!). He earned a Masters in Business and began working with the Irish government to help startups. He’s been working with startups ever since, though now it’s through his FunnyBizz Conference series where he uses a comedic approach to help content creators leverage the power of storytelling, comedy, and improv! For help finding the career that fits you, visit figureitout.co and register for our free 8-day course!

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Self-Discovery: Know Your Strengths with Kirby Verceles

Have you ever worried about losing your job? Even if it was a job that was making you unhappy? Kirby Verceles went through some wild ups and downs when the small company she worked for was in the process of being acquired. The soul-searching that she immersed herself in at that time gave her the answers and direction she needed and she came out on the other side with a position so suited for her it almost seems as if it were created for her! Kirby shares her process of self discovery and reminds us that no matter how stressful things can get, if you keep your core strengths in sight, you will come out ahead! For help finding work that fits you, enroll in our FREE 8-day course at figureitout.co!

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