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Incremental Bravery: Taking Small Calculated Risks to Move Towards Your Goals with Grant Baldwin

Grant Baldwin is the host of the How Did You Get into That? Podcast, featuring interviews with people from all walks of life doing the work they love! Getting to work you love doesn't usually come without some measure of bravery. Grant shares a concept called “incremental bravery” with us. Incremental bravery essentially boils down to taking small, calculated risks moving toward a much bigger goal or vision. Grant quit a stable job while his wife was 5 months pregnant with their first child - with no plan! After months of self discovery he decided to pursue a career as a speaker and step-by-step built his business. Wherever you want to go, you CAN get there from here! For help finding the work that YOU love, enroll in our free 8-day course at http://happentoyourcareer.com/figureitout!

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