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Opportunities Are Where You Create Them with Greg Rollett

Thinking about a career transition? A former touring musician, Greg Rollett has seemingly reinvented himself a few times. He’s a best-selling author and marketing expert who has worked with the likes of Brian Tracy, Coca-cola, Miller Lite, Warner Brothers, and countless entrepreneurs worldwide. He’s written for the Huffington Post, Fast Company, and Mashable. Now he’s started Ambitious.com, a platform to share and celebrate the stories of those who are making a difference in the world. Greg shows us how acquiring new skills and building a strong network, (all the ingredients needed for a successful career change) are within reach now, right in our current job situations. It’s all about seeking out and creating the right opportunities! Enroll in our free 8-day ‘Figure it Out’ course for tools and exercises to lead you to the work that fits YOU!

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