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Career Options for Working Abroad with Matt Williams

If you’ve got a travel bug and would love to know how you can build a career around it, this is the episode for you! Even if you don’t have travel fever, you’ll still get a lot out of our interview with Matt Williams. At each juncture in his career, Matt followed the path that most excited him. Early on, he admits it was more like leaping first, sorting out the details later. But, as he’s grown older, he’s been able to continue making the career moves that excite him, but with careful planning first. Matt has co-founded Brain Gain, a “vehicle for undergraduates and graduates to find career relevant positions abroad in startups and social enterprises in emerging economies.” Matt shows us that if you want something badly enough, there’s ALWAYS a way to get there! For help finding the career that fits you, enroll in our free 8-day course at figureitout.co!

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